Nine Finalists to face Calypso Monarch Tasha P.

The Top nine who will go up against Tasha P for the calypso monarchy on February 18th have been chosen.  Newcomer Checko secured his place among the more experienced contenders, Sye, Soul Puss, Dice, Caressa, Bobb, Webb, Vigilante and Explosion in what is described as a very tight competition.

Patrons all around Dominica are still in shock that the newcomer Black Diamond didn’t secure his spot in the finals. Jamaal Lloyd, son of Joey ‘The Explosion’ Lloyd was well on his way to the finals with the song titled ‘Pit Toilet’ written by Jerry Lloyd. Lloyd faltered on the night of the semis really everyone awestruck. Some say that he forgot the song, others claim that the back up singers came in too soon. Well tough luck for the youngster, we are sure he will come back harder next year.

Veterans such as Hunter and Scrunter were also unable to secure a spot in the top nine. We anticipate a very exciting and competitive Calypso finals on the night of February 18th. Can Tasha P continue the reign as calypso queen? Or will she be dethroned? PartyDominica.com will be there to tell the tale at the end of the night.

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