Lawyer Papers served on the “Checko” for the song “Bug her”

New comer in the finals of the 2012 Calypso competition, Police officer Abel “Checko” Jno Baptiste, was on February 8, 2012 served with a letter from the attorney of Ambassador Dr. Philbert Aaron after he penned the song “Bug her.”

According to the letter from Aaron’s lawyer, Noelise N. Knight Didier, “Our instructions are that you have penned a song entitled “Bug” or “Bug her” and that you also perform under the calypso name Checko. Our instructions are that you have caused this song to be recorded in permanent form and broadcast publically via radio…We are instructed however, that your song quite clearly makes reference to our client, by the description as well as by the use of his office and initials, ‘Ambassador A’ and further that you allege therein that he ‘bug her”.

This letter states, “Is an obvious innuendo understood by the average reasonable Dominican to mean, that you are stating that my client is engaged in buggery.

The letter was copied to the Commissioner of Police, QFM, DBS Radio and Kairi FM and instructing Checko to immediately remove the lyrics from the song. “You are therefore warned, to cease and desist from your defamation of my client’s character by the removal of the offending lyrics from your said song.
Your failure to comply will leave my client with no choice but to take immediate legal action against you, to preserve his good name,” it states.

Checko confirmed that he was served with a letter and was asked to cease from playing the song as it is, because of the mentioned of a particular phrase notably “Ambassador A” he was asked to refrain from using that line and that it has already been changed.

He has made the necessary changes and the song will be aired in full tomorrow on all the radio stations.

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