Janae Jackson, New Junior Calypso Monarch

Janae Jackson, daughter of Calypso Analyst and Writer, Ian Jackson is the new 2012 Junior Monarch of Dominica. The Convent High student out performed her 13 competitors at the Junior Monarch competition with a song entitled “Calypso Therapy.” The 13 year old only a week ago came in second place in the Stardom Tent’s Calypso Queen competition.

Nacheal ‘De Nacheal’ Walsh of the Isiah Thomas Secondary School singing a song called “What we gonna do,” placed second. Phael ‘Mighty P’ Lander of the St Mary’s Academy came third singing ‘Save Dominica for the Next Generation.’

North East Comprehensive’s Chelsea “Princess Chels” Prince got the fourth position with her rendition of ‘Unsung Heroes.’

The Junior Monarch was organised by the Leo Club and was held at the Entertainment Capital, Krazy Kokonuts on February 9th.

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