Comforter threatens Calypso Association

Victor ‘The Comforter’ Bique is claiming that he should be among the finalist for the February 18th Calypso Monarch competition. According to The Comforter on the night of the semi finals his scores were tied with that of Murphy ‘Sye’ Jno Jules, who is part of the nine finalists.

The Comforter through his lawyer has written a letter to the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) states that if he is not allowed to compete at the finals, an injunction will be filed to stop the event or to prevent Sye from competing.

Kelly ‘Ghost’ Williams, president of the DCA says that the allegations have no basis, since according to the judges scoring sheets, The Comforter was no where near the Sye or the other finalists. The Comforter however states that he received the information that there was a tie from a very reliable source.

The Ghost says that the finals will go on as scheduled on February 18th despite the threats from The Comforter.

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