Club DVD sound Back to stay…

There was much rumors going around about the owners of the biggest sound on Island Club DVD and his absence for the Independence season, we heard things like; he sold out, he’s not making money, he ran away, he moved to a more lucrative Island, and some others not worth mentioning, I for one agree the sound was missed during the 2012 Creole in The Park festivity.

Sitting with owner Alwin Robin has confirmed that all the talk are just what they are “rumors” the break was needed to make changes and to restructure the business, with new equipment and added power Club DVD has never sounded better and is ready for the carnival 2012 season and beyond.  Club DVD has plans to send three of its technicians to be certified in the field of sound engineering and has already teamed up with three other major sounds; namely  Nexo,Danley sound lab and one other major sound in Europe which cannot be mentioned at this time, as documents are still being prepared.  Other deals are on the table for stage, roofing and lights all this to make Club DVD the one stop entertainment company for events not only in Dominica but the Caribbean.

So all the diehard fans of the BIG Bad Sound Club DVD can look out for their first showing in its After Party event planned for the 28th of January after the opening of the 2012 carnival parade with line up from wadadlli greatest “The Burning Flames”, and WCK among other local acts, PartyDominica says “Welcome Back”.

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